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I've decided to forego participating in Book Signings out here in Arizona, at least for the moment. Yes, I would probably sell an extra 6 books or so per signing,  but when I look at the big picture, that's just a few drops in the bucket. Besides if I had to make a living from book sales, I would have to cart my belongings in a shopping cart along with my cardboard house. On the other side of the coin, Book Signings help you to get known locally and does help with the sale of future books. There are some great independent book stores in Maricopa County, so I may eventually change my mind. Also keep in mind that Maricopa County is about the size of Connecticut.

With the help of my new website hosting company, I've decided to launch an email campaign. I am testing the waters with my current email contact list (that's most of you guys!!!) and I'm purchasing an email list to use after that. Also my publishing company has offered me many book promotions throughout the world. LOL

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