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I received this comment on my website today from Jenn.

"Both of your books seem  to border along the Romance novel scene. That along with the thriller and mystery genres makes them special. Good Luck!"

I recently read a book that I thought was a mystery but I think it was a Romance novel. That was my first. I guess my books share similarities with it but they are more in the suspense genre, with plenty of more explicit sex than my books. It was written by a woman too!!! Many of my readers have told me that my books have just the right amount of spice and tell me to not change a thing.

Does anyone else think my books are Romance novels???


Barb D'Marco June 13, 2012 @02:59 pm Ya think? There is plenty of romance, plenty of sex, and plenty of murder. I call it a sexy murder mystery with a good dose of humor. You can't help but love that Brenda Corrino. Can't wait for the next book!

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